The design process...


It all starts with an idea, but in order to deliver an exceptional result we first need to understand the direction and purpose behind the idea.

So we take the time to listen and learn.

We get to know you, your business and your goals...

We love a good story!


Now that we understand the end result, it's time to start planning out the path to get there. It's time to make the stew.

We start with some creative concepts and market research. Then we add in a dash of critical thinking and some good old fashion business know-how...

Smells good, doesn't it!


With a plan in hand, it's time to start building! We start with a mock-up and a functional render. Then we work in the content and refine the visuals.

We work with you to ensure we remain on point with your vision and we never settle for "good enough"...

We never color inside the lines!

Designed with creativity. Delivered with personality. Built to engage!


Personality & Impact

Partners Dave and Adam patented a product called the Ostrich Beach Chair. This chair gives users the ability to comfortably tan while also reading or using their phone. While they had a great product, the challenge Dave and Adam faced was that their website was antiquated and they wanted to increase customer retention on their site. Too often customers would visit their site and not stay on long enough to view the full extent of the site, like check out their various collections of accessories and outdoor living products. 


To get started, we researched Ostrich’s competitors to be sure the Ostrich Beach Chair would have a unique online presence and would stand out among the crowd. This process allowed us to see how users engage with similar products online and how we could create a pleasurable, hassle free experience for users.  We determined the best way to engage visitors was to incorporate beach lifestyle photos and emphasize the chair’s patented open face cavity which allows for comfort, rest, and relaxation.



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