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Our Portfolio

Ostrich Beach Chair



Ostrich Beach Chair 


  • Assessed the client’s needs in order to establish the best strategy

  • Provided product photography in order to highlight the client’s unique products

  • Customized the chosen Shopify template to integrate the client’s personal style

The Challenge 

C2 Development Group was tasked with creating a new B2C e-commerce website to highlight the products and business model of Deltess’ Ostrich brand. The client had an outdated website that was not organized or user friendly. This left customers questioning the e-commerce site’s legitimacy and safety.  They needed a site that would not only highlight their unique brand and products, but also engage visitors and establish long term customers.

Before we could begin building the website, it was clear Deltess needed new high resolution product photography. This would add the site’s professionalism and modern design. Since they keep most of their inventory in a South Jersey warehouse, we also had to be sure their site’s new design would integrate their warehouse management system.

The Process

C2 rendered a fresh user friendly design which incorporates imagery, interactivity, and elements of both the Shopify template selected and the clients’ personal style.

All hosting elements remained with shopify.com including e-commerce transactions, payment processing, and email. The site exhibits a beach lifestyle and emphasizes “comfort through innovation & design”.

The Results

The Shopify platform provides Deltess with the warehouse management integration they need without compromising style and usability. With the addition of high resolution product photography, customers are able to see products clearly and are reassured their money is being spent on unique, high quality products. The site is easy to navigate and provides customers with a hassle free e-commerce experience.


Partys Over



Partys Over


  • Discussed the client’s needs in order to understand the services they needed

  • Worked with designers to determine the layout that would best showcase the brand

  • Created a functional and aesthetically pleasing website with Warehouse Management Software integration capabilities

The Challenge 

Derived from hip-hop and punk aesthetics, Partys Over is a contemporary sportswear clothing line. Partys Over staff members originally built the website on the Wix platform. However, due the inconvenience of not being able to have multiple users simultaneously using the account, Partys Over came to C2 seeking another option. They needed a reliable website that would not only look great but could also easily be integrated with a warehouse management system so they could easily keep track of their inventory.

The Process

While working with Partys Over, we realized they needed a website that would not only showcase their work but would also highlight the captivating story behind the brand. We worked with the Partys Over design team to customize a Shopify template and meet their needs. The website features high resolution product photography as well as lifestyle photographs encompassing the brands urban aesthetic.

The Results

Shopify is built for e-commerce which made it the right platform for Partys Over. Because Shopify allows for multiple users to be logged into the same account, a content manager and designer are able to work simultaneously. They were also able to easily integrate with the Warehouse Management System and calculate inventory in real time.


Jeanie's Junie



Jeanie's Junie


  • Explored the client’s desire for an informational website with the possibility for e-commerce in the future

  • Worked with designers to establish an expressive color pallet and design

  • Created a website which allows visitors to explore the culture and inspiration behind the product

The Challenge

For Jeanie’s Junie we were tasked with creating an informational website focused on Junie, a modern take on a healthy Armenian snack. Even though the client wanted an informational website, they expressed a desire for e-commerce capabilities in the future so the website may grow with the business. This made Shopify the perfect platform.

The Process

C2 worked with the design team to infuse the bright colors and styles of Armenian culture with the necessary content to create a cohesive and expressive design. The website highlights the multiple uses for the product as well as the taste and rich culture from which the product is derived.

While the website needed to provide a vast amount of information, we wanted to be sure it was not overwhelming. We decided to include five main pages, each with a clear purpose. 

When designing the website, we chose the parallax theme. This theme allows for a lot of imagery so the product can really speak for itself. We were sure to emphasize the unique qualities of the product while keeping the design simple.

The Results

The site’s design and color implies that this product is exotic. The parallax theme allows visitors to go on a journey with Jeanie and experience Junie and the inspiration behind it. The ultimate advantage of using Shopify for the creation of this website is that when the client is ready to sell wholesale there won’t be any heavy lifting or add-ons because the site is already built on an e-commerce platform.

Do U 24.7


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Do U 24.7


  • Evaluated the client’s need for an organized website

  • Determined the best way to display the client’s constantly changing inventory

  • Designed an easy to navigate website with a clear goal  so the client can easily update their inventory and communicate with customers

The Challenge 

C2 Development Group was contracted to build a new B2C e-commerce website chartered from the products and business model of the owner of Do U 24.7. This sneaker resale business utilizes established sneaker store fronts to sell merchandise as well as takes orders through social media and phone call inquiries. The owner wanted a platform he can sell his sneakers and apparel on while also collecting customer data.

The Process

The sneaker business is full of resellers, collectors, and casual buyers all looking for the best way to interact with others in the community. The client wanted a website that would not only make selling easy for him, but also make purchasing easy for his customers.

Since this is such a large community we knew we had to create something that would set Do U 24.7 apart from the rest.

The home page was our chance to catch the attention of visitors. We added high resolution pictures of the best selling sneakers as well as included a direct connection to the company’s Instagram feed. This allows visitors of the site to view everything Do U 24.7 has to offer and engage with the owner.


Unlike the chaos of a social media feed, we were able to create a “Shop” page which was strategically organized by sneaker brand and sneaker size. The website also features a page specifically for clothing and accessories. The company owner is able to upload his entire inventory quick and conveniently.

The Results

Do U 24.7 has a modern website that gives them a competitive advantage over most people in the sneaker industry. Thanks to Shopify, they are able to sell their sneakers in third party stores as well as take social media inquiries.   ​