noun | Def: The evolution, growth, progress, expansion of an idea...

Web applications built for the way you run your business!

The development process...


  • Requirements Gathering

  • Resource Planning

  • Use Case Analysis

First we listen and learn.


  • Application Wireframe

  • User Interface (UI)

  • User Experience (UX)

Then we design an interface and flow that makes sense.


  • DB Creation | Coding

  • Alpha & Beta Testing

  • Secondary Coding

Now we build, test, and build some more...


  • User Acceptance Testing

  • Production Deployment

  • Maintenance & Upgrades

Time to make the gears go round and ensure they stay that way!

Understanding the need is the first step in development.



Enterprise Level Online Development

Software designed for your unique business and built to scale as you grow. Solutions that make sense, increase efficiency, integrate seamlessly, and help your operation become more profitable.

Our experienced team of project managers and web development specialists take the time to understand your goals and custom design all of our software from the ground up with an emphasize on flexibility, efficiency, and function.

Our Development Professionals Are Ready:

  • Custom Forms & Data Capture

  • Customer Relations Management Solutions

  • Retail Store List Management

  • Project Management w/ Time & Task Tracking

  • Material Resource & Requirement Planning

  • Online Promotions & Giveaway Systems

  • Digital Asset Management

Case studies in development...


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Technology to Empower Sales


CRMfrog is a custom built, cloud based, customer relationship management platform designed to increase client engagement activity by sales personnel and provide a centralized point of monitoring for managers.

Quickly and efficiently track customer relevant data including; locations, files, project tasks, sales related activities, and conversion ratings for team members.

  • Custom Campaigns w/ Definable Call To Action Events

  • Online Time & Task Management

  • Cloud Based Variable Access Control

  • Centralized Activity Monitoring

  • API Integration For E-Mail Campaigns

  • E-Commerce Platform Data Capture Integrations

  • Centralized Vendor "Source" Management

  • Definable Goals For Prospecting & Conversions

  • Customized Reporting & More...


Digital Asset & Store List Management

Centralized Information

The Luxottica Brand Customization project is an online application designed to track and manage retail location information and house digital assets and design renderings for new point of sale displays and supporting structures for each location, across several different brand segments.

The system allows the location survey team to work together with the digital design team to streamline the process of collecting information about existing store layouts so that accurate designs could be rendered, with proper dimensions, for production and installation while maintaining version control for the digital assets and designs as well.

  • Store List Management

  • Custom Data Capture

  • Digital Asset Management w/ Version Control

  • Time & Task Tracking w/ Manager Oversight

  • Custom Interface & Process Design

  • Customized Reporting & more...

When platforms communicate, you save time and money!



Connecting end points for business...

Organizations are always looking to streamline their daily processes to improve efficiency and reduce overhead, but often redundant tasks and segmented software tends to clog up the highway.


With system integrations we create unifying pathways to allow multiple software platforms to communicate and transfer vital data without the need for redundant entry. This results in greater productivity and higher profitability.

We Specialize In Communication:

  • E-Commerce Order Routing

  • Online / Offline Shipping Services

  • Social Media Platforms

  • Accounting Systems

  • CRM Interface & Data Mining

  • Multi Database Consolidation

  • Third Party Platforms

Coding ideas into reality...

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