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Product photography can impact a business in many different ways so it's important to know the right questions to ask when searching for a product photography partner. For starters; have they worked in the industry before? Do they have a portfolio? Do they have a defined process and what are their agreed upon rates per image?

QUALITY MATTERS: Vivid imagery can showcase your product or services with style and impact and create a lasting impression for customers, which is why quality is so important. Using the right equipment, especially lighting, is critical to the success of any photo shoot. High resolution digital cameras and processing equipment combined with dynamic range lighting is the difference between OK images and WOW images.

Things To Consider:

- Does the person or agency have experience in your product segment?

- Do they have up to date equipment?

- Do they have experience with large box stores?

- Do they have experience with online product style guide compliance?


One of the best ways to push customer conversions is with compelling imagery. This is especially true with an e-commerce business. Since the customer can't really touch the product, it becomes even more important that the imagery highlights the features and gives the consumer a sense of how the product can or should be used. Often, online retailers have compliance guides that you must follow in order to list your products with them. You'll want to partner with an experienced agency or individual who has worked with product catalogs in the past to ensure you get the best possible results, but also remain inline with the online retailers guidelines.

Product Photography Website Design


When you want to demonstrate a product with more real world settings and backgrounds you employ a technique called "Lifestyle" photography. These images serve to create a setting or tell a story the same way a furniture store displays their products. This can heavily influence buyer perceptions about the product and help to drive more conversions.


We specialize in e-commerce and online product photography services and with almost forty years of combined experience in the retail and photographic industry, we know how to deliver results. Regardless of your business size, our professional staff can help design and deliver imagery that is both impactful and beautiful.

By combining our photographic skills with our website design services, marketing savvy, and knowledge of the retail market we can help ensure that your overall experience is positive and game changing for your business.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your next great idea become successful!

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