Promotional Landing Pages: Driving Sales & Capturing Data

Acquiring customer / consumer data is a core component for any successful retail venture or new to market product offering.

Why? Well remember the age old phrase: Know Your Customer

By using a promotional landing pages and data capture forms you can acquire consumer data while also creating a call to action to help drive sales conversions. Once you've deployed your new page, you can advertise and drive traffic using social media or other marketing channels. Data capture pages typically work well in combination with product trials or sampling programs and provide a fast and effective way to engage new customers while developing a robust database for future sales and marketing efforts.

When planning to deploy a new offering, using a data capture page, it's important to first understand the type and relevance of the data you're looking to capture and how that will help your efforts in the future. Most often the data capture pages will have a form with a brief questionnaire with input fields for name, email address, phone number and other relevant address information. The importance of this information is clear, but you should also look to include demographic questions such as age or gender to help you further refine your marketing efforts in the future and to better target specific demographics with direct sale campaigns.

Data Capture Page for alchemLife

Why does my business need a Promotional Data Capture Page?

Most businesses are looking for an easy, inexpensive way, to reach new customers and increase sales. Self contained landing pages, employing data capture forms, serve to solve this problem. The designs are simplistic, yet professional, and the results can be dramatic. But, creating the pages and the forms is only half the equation. You'll also need to create an outreach program to let the world know about your product or service. Think of a data capture page as the goal or end point while the supporting advertising serves as the driving force to push customers to that page. The offering on the page is the reward for the time they've spent entering their information.

The cycle of customer acquisition is typically composed of three main elements:

Advertising Awareness + Rewarding Solicitation = Capture & Conversion

Example Scenario:

You have a new happy hour menu, and you want your local clientele to know about it while also working to build out your customer database.

Desired Result: More customers for happy hour & acquiring more email addresses for your customer database to be used in future promotions.

Tools To Be Used: Social media advertising, targeting local demographics, designed to drive traffic to our new landing page and data capture form.

Call To Action: Fill out the form and receive a coupon that can be used in the restaurant during happy hour.

By combining the concepts of a promotion with a data capture form you've created a very enticing reward scenario for the consumer, not to mention the attention your business is getting through targeted advertising.

But I already have a website, can't I just advertise that instead of making a new page for my promotion?

You can, but if your looking to create a more focused campaign, specific to a new product or service, landing pages work better. For example, the artwork can be customized and the usage of the "real estate" on the page can be better tailored to the exact theme of your campaign. This helps to minimize the overall impact on a consumer, providing just the information relative for what they were expecting and nothing more. This typically results in higher conversion rates which translates to more sales and higher return on investment.

Websites usually have multiple pages, links, and non-relevant content... The object here is to create a compulsory direction for the visitor, collect the data and hopefully secure a sale. Because landing pages are budget friendly and rather simple to make they can be deployed quickly and you can keep the presentation fresh by creating a new page with each promotion.

C2 Development Group can help you put together a dynamic promotional campaign that drives consumer traffic, boosts brand awareness, and increase customer conversions. We can show you how to properly structure data capture pages and how to integrate social media to maximize your return on investment and help you grow your business.

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Josh Cassell is a project manager and account executive with C2 Development Group.

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