Selling Products on Facebook

Selling on Facebook is an effective way to put your product(s) in front of a mass market with a budget friendly investment. It also serves to increase overall brand awareness and helps to drive traffic back to a secondary e-commerce store should one exist. Think of the nature of an impulse buy, its momentary, not overwhelming, and often driven by a niche desire for the product. Hence the name "Impulse Buy". Now, think of Facebook as being the perfect outlet for that type of product. The social media platform allows business owners to truly dial into their target demographic and by listing a few select products, you can really maximize the return on that investment.

But how does Facebook allow you to tap your target market?

By using a wide range of demographic search criteria, you can select your audience based on interests, hobbies, lifestyle, and of course geography.

Leveraging the social media platform also allows your customers to interact with others who have "Liked" or commented on your product.

This can give you direct insight into how your products are being received, what issues your customers may be having and help you respond quicker when there is a problem. It also gives your customers a fast and effective way to get in contact with you.

Today more than ever customers are using mobile devices and social media to stay connected to the world and people around them. By not listing your products on Facebook, you could be missing a potentially huge opportunity to gain market share and customer conversions.

Rapport = Engagement

Building relationships is important for every business regardless of size. Social media is an effective way to build relationships and rapport with your target demographic. You want to create an impression of stability and sophistication, but above all you want to reach your customers.

Engaging your target audience on Facebook requires more than just posting a comment. You need consistent communication, relevant and targeted information, and of course imagery. By utilizing social media on a consistent basis, clients often see a significant increase in sales while also enjoying a decrease in customer acquisition costs.

Remember your social media profile portrays the personality of your business and the people that work there, so its important to spread the right message and create the right impression. our company is trustworthy.

Facebook Store

Creating a “Facebook Store”, even if you don't have a website is a solid step in the right direction. Every business should of course have a website, but the bottom line in every retail venture is sales. If you're not selling, you won't have a business long enough to worry about a fancy new website. With built in tools and ready to go outlets for advertising, a Facebook account and store is a safe and effective way to grow the bottom line.

Some of the benefits of using a Facebook store:

  • Mobile Responsive Design

  • Direct Consumer Interaction

  • Built In Advertising Capabilities

  • Industry Leading Demographic Targeting

  • Broad Reach

  • Content Management

  • Cross Platform Integrations

About That Website...

Now that you've established a presence on social media, don't forget to update and maintain your home base, meaning your main E-Commerce website. Your business needs multiple avenues to grow. An E-Commerce website coupled with a Facebook Store affords you the ability to display a wider variety of products and present more information about your business to your target audience.

C2 Development Group can design and build a dynamic, engaging, e-commerce website that will scale with you as you grow and give your business the tools it needs to achieve a sustained level of success.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your next great idea become successful!

Josh Cassell is a project manager and account executive with C2 Development Group.

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