Shopify Isn't Just for E-Commerce

Shopify has quickly established itself as the leading platform for e-commerce websites. With their mobile friendly themes, store management, and social media integration features, they make it easy to establish your company’s online presence. However,

If e-commerce is not your goal, you can still take advantage of Shopify’s easy to use templates and 24/7 customer support.

Personal Website

With the rise of social media, personal websites are gaining major popularity. Gone are the days of hard copy resumes and tangible business cards. We have the ability to apply to a job with the click of a button. Creating a personal website is a great way to establish your professional presence online and share your portfolio with the business world. Shopify makes it easy to upload and link out to your own content.


Similar to a personal website, a blog allows you to share your own original content. Shopify includes a built in blogging platform which allows visitors to leave comments on posts. Shopify also permits you to include social media links so visitors can easily share your posts helping you to reach a wider audience.


The internet makes it possible to access information like never before. If you’re thinking about creating an informational website consider Shopify! Shopify allows you to create a cohesive theme with each page relating to your specific topic. You can easily raise awareness about your product, organization, or idea.

Community Outreach

Community outreach websites are especially popular among small communities. Mainly for informational purposes, a community website is used for sharing news and events within a specific community. One of the great features of Shopify is that the platform makes it fast easy to create and update pages, saving you time and energy. Choosing Shopify for your community outreach website ensures members will be made aware of events and news efficiently.

Online Business Brochure

When promoting your business online, you might not be selling a product but rather selling your company’s service. You want to be sure your website appears as professional as possible so potential customers know you’re the real deal. With Shopify you can easily create portfolio pages detailing your previous work and qualifications.

Now that you’re aware of all the different types of websites you can create with Shopify it’s time to get started! Through our Shopify Refresh program we're offering clients the free design and assemblage of a Shopify “template” website after a billable discovery meeting and strategy planning session. To Learn More Visit Our Shopify Refresh Page:

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