10 Tips for Writing Product Descriptions

When it comes to creating a great e-commerce site, product descriptions are one of the most important aspects. In the world e-commerce, the product description functions as the salesperson. It should tell the potential customer everything they need to know about the product and touch on its unique features. Too much information can be overwhelming and too little information can leave a customer confused. It’s important to find the happy medium between the two to be sure it’s clear to the customer what you’re selling and how buying it will benefit them. Don’t know where to start? Check out our ten tips for writing product descriptions.

Know your product. You can’t sell something if you don’t understand it. Try the product out for yourself and make notes of the features that stand out to you.

Know your audience. When you’re selling a product, it’s imperative you establish a target market. This will help you decide the type of language to use and what features to highlight.

Make it search engine friendly. This requires some research. There are dozens of SEO tools online. See what words consumers are using to search for products. These keywords will help drive traffic to your site and increase sales. You can’t sell your product if consumers can’t find it.

Separate features and benefits. Features describe what the product can do. Benefits describe how using the product will enhance the user’s life or help them complete a task more efficiently. Separating the two helps keep your product description clear and concise.

Keep it simple. The fact is no one is going to read through page long product descriptions. Figure out which aspects of the product are selling points and which the customer can discover themselves.

Make it easy to read. Your product should be accessible to as many people as possible. If a product description uses jargon that is difficult to understand you could potentially lose customers.

Use bullet points to highlight special features. What sets your product apart from others of its kind?

Use descriptive language. This ties into the product description functioning as the sales person. Since the customer can’t physically interact with your product, you want to highlight features and benefits that aren’t abundantly clear in the product’s images.

Justify your adjectives. In this case it’s important to show not tell. You can say your product is “the best” but how can you prove it? Include customer reviews or provide a personal story. These add credibly to your claims and helps customers envision how your product can fit into their lives.

Proofread your work. Spelling and grammar errors can compromise your product’s credibility. While the spell checker built into your computer is helpful, it won’t necessarily notice every error. Read your product descriptions aloud to be sure they’re correct.

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