Font Facts

Fonts are an essential part of every piece of media and choosing the right font is a bigger decision than you may think. Just like people, fonts have personalities. While Times New Roman may work perfectly for a newspaper or more serious piece of media, it will appear out of place on a poster advertising a comedy show. When it comes to an e-commerce or informative website, you want to be sure your font choice matches the product you’re selling or the information you’re presenting. When used correctly, fonts enforce your piece of media’s message, create hierarchy, and add to the overall readability and accessibility of your website.

Before you default to Times New Roman make sure you consider the message you

want to convey through your website. For example, on the Ostrich beach chair website, we wanted to show that this product is comfortable and reliable. Because of this we went with a classic sans serif font with some unique features. One of these features is extra leading. Leading refers to the space between the letters. It makes the font easier to read and allows the overall boxy appearance of the letters to stand out. This font compliments the product being sold and highlights its unique features.

Hierarchy concerns where the reader’s eye is drawn to on the page. Where you want the reader to look first should stand out from the rest of the text. This can be achieved by making the specific title or sentence bigger, bolder, or by using a completely different font altogether. Although there aren’t any concrete rules about what fonts work best on screen, sans serif fonts are generally easier to read while serif fonts work better for print pieces.

When it comes to accessibility it’s important not to use more than two fonts per page. Each new font requires a trip to the server. This can slow your page down and make it more difficult for reader’s to view. This is why it’s more practical to choose to completely different fonts to create hierarchy instead of using many styles such as italic and bold, of the same font.

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