Unless otherwise specified, all offers are limited to design team availability. Not valid on prior projects. Local taxes and ancillary fees may apply.


Offer cannot be combined with any other promotion, discount code, coupon and/or offer.


Promotions have no cash value. Offer cannot be sold or otherwise bartered.

Void where prohibited. C2 Development Group llc. reserves the right to discontinue or modify this or any promotion at any time. Offer only valid for businesses operating and based in the United States unless otherwise noted. Other fees and or costs may be incurred by the customer as a result of this service and those fees and/or costs are the sole responsibility of the customer. Customer acknowledges and agrees that C2 Development Group llc. shall not be held responsible for ongoing maintenance or upkeep of the site unless otherwise contracted to do so and that this offering represents a total offering and that nothing is included or implied to be included, beyond the items listed below. Additional items may be discussed during the course of service that are not entirely covered by this free offering. A separate quote will be rendered prior to the onset of any development or design work that may arise during the course of any project. Please contact us directly with questions or concerns.


FREE offer is dependent on the successful completion of a billable Discovery meeting and Strategy planning session.


Standard billable rate for a Discovery meeting is $95.

Standard billable rate for a Strategy planning session is $95.


** Payment must be received in full prior to the onset of primary website construction. Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check, money order, or credit card.


What’s included as part of the Free Offer:


One (1) Free Shopify "template" based theme provided by C2.

Template modifications with client provided imagery and content.

Assemblage and review of client-provided materials.

Basic design elements such as, but not limited to:

         -       Graphic resizing

         -       Minor image modifications where needed

         -       Basic content review (spelling and grammar review)

         -       Uploading of Ten (10) products w/ one (1) image per product. This setup will include product descriptions, pricing, and relevant information. 

         -       Final assemblage and deployment

         * Additional products and images can be uploaded & setup at an hourly rate of $95.00 per hour. Client may provide a formatted template for                    product upload, ask a representative for more details.



Each template will contain the following pages:


Home Page - Including masthead banner style graphic (template permitting), introductory text, featured products (if applicable, limit 3 categories), supporting banner style imagery, one (1) dynamic social media section (integrated / client provided access, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter), and footer. Additional design elements are available upon request at an additional cost to be quoted.


About Page (Title subject to client input) - Including masthead banner style graphic, client provided text & imagery rendered with a newsprint style layout. Additional design elements are available upon request at an additional cost to be quoted.


Main Products Page - Standard Shopify main products listings page, broken down by category/collections. 


Product Details Page - Standard Shopify product details page with relevant content being dynamically displayed per product.


Contact Us Page (Title subject to client input) - A standard contact form with relevant data capture fields. Client is responsible for providing a valid e-mail address for the contact forms. E-mail services can be provided at an additional cost.



What is NOT included in the Free Offer:



         -       Image sourcing or graphical design services.

         -       Photographic services of any kind.

         -       Content creation / writing.

         -       Social media channel creation or advertisement creation.

         -       Any service or product not herein defined.


Our Process Defined:

Phase 1 - Discovery:

Wherein C2 will gather information related to the clients’ products or services, business model, and define 
target objectives and goals of the specific project. C2 will also gather relevant information as it relates to any social media channels, online sales platforms, as well as all other necessary elements or information required for the project.


C2 will also perform a competitive analysis whereas we will identify competitors in a similar field and or offering similar products. We will identify their current marketing efforts, focus and direction as well as identify the location, and process (where possible) that they utilize for bringing their products or services to market.


For social media/marketing campaigns, C2 will then create a customer profile for outreach messaging and identify market segment. Classify target market segment and customer demographic. Identify target spend cap per consumer and perform competitor analysis for social media channels and create catch list of specific products and categories to be offered for initial campaign launch.


Phase 2 – Strategy:


C2 will create a budget plan, an estimated timetable for completion, an inception plan for the project, as well as a detailed scope of work, outlining the elements necessary for the project. Identify and set up any and all login credentials needed for any and all e-commerce channels, selected social media channels or other such environments that may contain information relevant and necessary for the completion of the project.

For social media/marketing campaigns, C2 will develop initial campaign strategy messaging, as well as identify any relevant or needed materials needed for the successful inception and application of the campaign.

For Web-Based Development, C2 will create a database map as well as a task list for the project inception and go forward plan.


Phase 3 – Design / Development: 


C2 will create when needed / necessary, a non-functional mockup of any UI elements needed for the project including creating custom graphics for advertising outreach, website inclusion, or other project related needs.


For Web-Based Development, C2 will create relevant database elements as well as begin primary coding efforts for the project as well as perform Alpha testing as code modules become available.


Phase 4 – Delivery:


Upon any and all relevant testing of any newly developed software platform or website, C2 will deliver the application or website to the client in accordance with any previously established conditions therein. Access to these platforms can be in the form of, but not limited to, a license, username and password, URL, or access token.


For social media/marketing campaigns, C2 will setup login credentials for the selected social media channels and purchase the relevant advertising necessary for the project and or begin onboarding content to the relevant channel. Identify missing elements in customer profile for social media channels and ensure data is accurate and presented according to pre-determined outreach message. Ensure social media ad buy campaigns are set up correctly.


For landing page/data collection sites, C2 will deploy/launch the data collection pages in accordance with any previously agreed upon conditions.

For e-commerce based projects, C2 will setup Google Analytics and site tracking for the endpoint and deliver access information for the site to the customer for formal launch.


For additional information or answers to questions, please contact our offices directly.

By Email:

By Phone: 856-221-2164





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